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Maintain Yearly Eye Exams

Doctor with PatientYour eye exam at Avery Ranch Eye Care is unique to you and you alone.  We pride ourselves on taking the time to listen and pay careful attention through each step of your eye exam to care for your individual eye care needs.

Over time, your overall health may change.  Scheduling an eye exam on a routine basis with an eye doctor will help allow for early detection of changes that may effect your vision and eye health as a result of changes in your overall health.  Without routine eye exams, the changes in vision and eye health may go unnoticed until it is too late. 

Visit Yearly

Visiting our Cedar Park eye doctor regularly is the only reliable way to maintain healthy sight and possibly prevent mild to serious eye diseases.

For all ages, beginning with infants, getting into a routine of yearly eye exams with your eye doctor should be part of your overall health maintenance.  In some instances, your eye doctor will need to see you more often if you currently have an eye disease, are at risk for certain systemic conditions such as diabetes, or are approaching stages in life that put you at risk for an age related eye disease.