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Sunglasses for Children

baby wearing sunglassesBy the time we reach 18 years of age, some experts believe we have received 80% of our lifetime sun damage.  The team at Avery Ranch Eye Care, recommends children of all ages wear sun protection eyewear.  

Fun Styles and Colors

Children will love wearing their new sun protection eyewear from Avery Ranch Eye Care.  We feel very strong about all children needing to be protected from the sun's harmful rays that we have put together a large selection of fun styles, cute designs, and colorful options in childrens sun protection eyewear.  In addition, almost any children's frame can be transformed into sunglasses by adding prescription or non-prescription sun lenses.

Choose Lenses with 100% UV Protection

The most important thing when choosing children's sunglasses is to make sure the lenses block 100% of the sun's ultraviolet rays.  The harmful effects of UV radiation are cumulative over time so by limiting your child's exposure to UV rays during childhood, you may be decreasing their risk of cataracts and other eye problems when they become adults.

Trivex and polycarbonate lenses are excellent for children's sunglasses because they have 100% UV protection built-in, can be tinted to nearly any shade of color, lighter in weight, and much more impact-resistant than lenses made of other materials.

Trivex or polycarbonate materials made with transition lenses are an excellent choice for children who need prescription eyewear.  Transition lenses not only provide 100% UV protection, but darken automatically when exposed to the sun's UV rays and then quickly return to clear lenses while indoors.  One pair of eyeglasses can do the job of two!