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Non-Prescription Sunglasses

sunglassesFashion sunglasses with non-prescription lenses are called "plano" sunglasses in the eyewear industry. This category of sunglasses is extremely popular and offers many choices in styling, designer names, and frame materials.

Non-prescription sunglasses have become popular partly due to the fact that over 30 million Americans wear contact lenses.  Anyone who wears contact lenses needs non-prescription sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays.  Sunglasses also help keep contacts from getting too dry when outdoors, and help shield the eyes from debris.

Sunglasses are Cool!

Sunglasses are made in many shapes and styles for men, women, and children.  Some of the hottest styles from the past few seasons are sporty wraparounds, glamorous cat-eyes and "Jackie Os," sleek futuristic styles that hug the face, small retro-looking shapes, large and sometimes bulbous "bubble" wraps, rectangular and angular styles, and even styles embellished with jewels.

Recent modern styles that have shown popularity are sleek wraps and Jackie O shapes with added details like rhinestones and faux diamonds.  Some of the most fashion forward lenses are tinted in a variety of colors such as blue, yellow, rose, orange, purple, black, and coral.

Rimless and semi-rimless plano sunglasses are carrying some very unique lens shapes which are designed in cool looking angles. Additionally, some plastic sunglass frames are featuring cut-outs and other details to give them a more distinctive look.

Sunglass Materials

Advancements in frame material technology for non-prescription sunglasses have produced many options in plastic, or zyl, and premium metals such as titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, and beryllium. These metals are lightweight for comfort, stong, hypoallergenic, and corrosion resistant.

Many sunwear styles today incorporate both metal and plastic into the frame design giving them a unique look!

Shopping for Sunglasses

When shopping for sunglasses, make sure you find the perfect fit!  Our opticians specialize in providing you with a personalized fit.  Items to consider when shopping: 

  • Choose frames that are wide enough for your face. The edge of the frames should protrude slightly beyond your face so the temples don't put pressure on your head as they extend back to your ears.
  • Make sure the temples are long enough.  The curve at the end of the temple should extend over your ear without pressing down causing discomfort.  Some styles have straight temples that don't curve around the ear.
  • Check the nosepiece for comfort and fit. The frame should fit securely without pinching the bridge of your nose.
  • While wearing the sunglasses, move your head up and down, and bend over as if to pick something up from off the floor.  The sunglasses should stay comfortably in place.

The color and shape of the frame you choose depends on your personal style and preference.  Have fun with it, don't be afraid to try different colors, shapes, and styles!  Non-prescription sunglasses are as much as a fashion statement as they are for eye protection. Come and check out our range of non-prescription sunglasses at Avery Ranch Eye Care!

Choosing Lenses

sunwear iconWhen choosing lenses, find lenses that block 100 percent of the sun's harmful UV rays.

If you plan on wearing sunglasses for sports, choose styles with lightweight, impact-resistant lenses for added safety.