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Caring for Lenses

Cleaning Glasses and Protecting Your Lenses

Keep it clean. Keep it simple. To wash your prescription eyeglass lenses, our eye care professionals suggest you gently rub your lenses clean with your fingers using warm, soapy water. Rinse them, and then pat them dry with a clean, soft cloth. Using an ultra-fine, machine washable, microfiber lens cleaning cloth will help trap dirt and dust. Try to avoid rubbing prescription lenses with rags, facial tissues, or paper towels, as they could scratch your lenses.  Definitely avoid using household cleaners, acetone, or soaps with cream as chemicals may damage your frames.

A Strong Case for Storage

Storing your lenses in a sturdy protective case whenever you are not wearing them will go a long way towards preventing scratches on your lenses. Proper storage also helps to keep prescription eyeglass lenses clean while protecting your valuable frames.  Try to avoid placing prescription glasses in a purse, pocket, or bag unprotected.

Let Them Down Gently 

If setting your prescription lenses on a table or desk, it is best to close your frames first before laying them down. Always set them frame side down to avoid scratching the lenses. The floor is never a good place to leave your glasses. A sink or vanity top puts your lenses in an unfavorable position. Spatters, sprays, or cosmetic products can quickly soil lenses. Anti-reflective (AR) treatments can be damaged by hairsprays or perfume.
Prescription eyeglass lenses are designed to rest on your nose in front of your eyes and not on top of your head. Frames can become misaligned when doing this, making even the cleanest of lenses less than effective if not positioned properly in front of the eye.
If you have more questions about how to care for you lenses give us a call at Avery Ranch Eye Care!