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Better comfort, clearer vision, reduced glare, and greater cosmetic appeal are all benefits that are provided with anti-reflective lenses.  The same technology used to provide anti-reflective benefits to precision lenses in microscopes and cameras is now available for your lenses to enhance your healthy sight.

An anti-reflective treatment applied to the front and back surface of prescription lenses will greaty reduce the light reflected by the lens surfaces.  This will allow your eyes to appear clearer behind the lenses, your vision will be more defined, and glare from reflected objects, especially headlights at night, will be virtually eliminated.  In addition, if you have a “strong” prescription, anti-reflective treatments will make your eyes appear more natural.

How Anti-Reflective Lenses Work

Carefully calibrated layers of metal oxides are applied to the front and the back of the lenses. Each of these layers are designed to block reflected light which includes glare, annoying reflections, and the hazy “halos” you often see around lights at night.  Anti-reflective treatments are good for sunglasses too as they can be applied to the back side of the lens to eliminate glare reflected around the sides of the frame. If you are interested in having your lenses coated with an anti reflective treatment call us at Avery Ranch Eye Care!