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Emergency Eye Care

Eye emergencies or eye injuries can range from very minor accidents to catastrophic accidents resulting in permanent loss of vision. At Avery Ranch Eye Care, we see eye emergencies every day. Our optometrist will diagnose and treat eye infections, allergies, abrasions, corneal ulcers, foreign bodies, glaucoma, chemical burns, inflammatory disease, and many other eye-related emergencies.

If you ever experience unusual symptoms such as eye pain, redness, discharge, flashes and floaters, sudden loss of vision, foreign body sensation, or any other injuries please call our office at 512-255-7070 right away. We will see you the same day.

Seek Medical Care

In most cases, if you have continued symptoms of eye pain, visual changes, or bleeding you should see an eye doctor immediately. Below are just a few examples.

Chemical exposures: If you are not sure if the exposure is potentially serious, and you have washed out your eye and are experiencing only a few symptoms, you should still be evaluated by an eye doctor immediately.

Subconjunctival hemorrhage: This will appear as if the eye is bleeding. If you are not sure you have this condition, an eye doctor will be able to help with the diagnosis.
Lacerations: Cuts that affect anywhere around or in the eye need immediate medical attention.
Foreign bodies: Any foreign material that is possibly embedded anywhere in or around the eye should be evaluated by an eye doctor immediately.
Continued pain and decreased vision after an eye injury can be warning signs that require prompt medical attention. If you have an eye doctor, they may be able to take care of you in the office. Otherwise, go to a hospital’s emergency department. When in doubt, seek medical attention immediately.
If you have any questions regarding a possible eye emergency or injury, please call us at 512-255-7070 right away and we can assist you.