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Cataract Surgery/Pre and Post-Operative Care

A patient with cataracts can become easily frustrated with their vision especially when the cataracts are advanced and needing surgery. During an evaluation for cataracts, Dr. Vincent will not only determine if you need cataract surgery but will thoroughly discuss your options with you to determine the perfect lens implant that will suit your lifestyle.

What Does Cataract Surgery Involve?

Cataract surgery is the removal of the natural crystalline lens of the eye that has developed an opacification or cloudiness. The opacification or cloudiness is referred to as a cataract. Over time, metabolic changes in the fibers of the crystalline lens will lead to the development of the opacities. The opacification will cause a loss of transparency to the crystalline lens. This will then decrease, impair, or cause loss of vision. During cataract surgery, a patient’s cloudy crystalline lens is removed and replaced with a synthetic lens to restore the patient’s vision.

Before cataract surgery is performed, Dr. Vincent will take the time to discuss which premium intraocular lens (IOL) implant will best suit your lifestyle. Once you have chosen which premium intraocular lens (IOL) implant you would like, it will be used to replace your cataract. During cataract surgery, the removal of the cloudy crystalline lens will occur, and the new artificial premium intraocular lens (IOL) implant will be inserted into the eye.

Cataract surgery is generally performed as an outpatient procedure in a surgical center or hospital using local anesthesia. Typically little or no discomfort is experienced by the patient. With cataract surgery extremely common, well over 90% of surgeries are successful in restoring useful vision. Minimally invasive, small incision, no-stitch procedures with a quick post-op recovery has become the standard of care in cataract surgery all over the world.

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